About the Global Health Scholars Pathway







The Washington University in St. Louis Global Health Scholars Pathway in Internal Medicine is

designed to produce future clinical and research leaders in global health. Residents apply in their first year and are selected by January. The program is competitive and acceptance is based on evidence of a commitment to a career in global health. Upon acceptance, there are two options for participation in the pathway.


          1.  Residents can participate in an intensive didactic and practical curriculum during their

               second year. International travel for clinical and research experiences will also occur in

               this option.


          2.  Or, residents can choose to participate in the Global Health Pathway Elective, where

               they participate in international travel for a scholarly research project.


Pathway Objectives

          1. Preparing residents for competitive careers in Global Health through

                  a. Clinical experience

                  b. Research experience

                  c. Capacity building experience

                  d. Knowledge of key topics in Global Health


          2. Providing service in Global Health

                  a. Direct patient care

                  b. Capacity building academic medical centers and community partners

                  c. Health advocacy


          3. Conducting research for sustainable solutions with

                  a. Academic medical centers

                  b. Community partners









Global Health Sites


  • Honduras
  • St. Louis

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